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Foxteeth has come a long way since its creation in 1989. Dentistry has also come a long way, both technically and economically. Office efficiency and the mastering of the tools available to a practice create the foundation for the successful dental practice we all desire.

Foxteeth has evolved over the years with two primary concepts: Ease of Use and Power.   The power is there, hidden behind the simplicity of its user interface. Running a delinquency report for a large practice in 15 seconds is what it's all about. No software can  match the speed of this amazing Visual Foxpro database engine.

   Periodontal a snap with FoxTeeth's built-in voice recognition software (VR). You provide the $10 microphone and we provide the rest. Hygienists will love the ease of use and speed with which they can complete a complicated charting appointment. And afterwards, they can schedule their own recare appointment with Foxteeth's powerful scheduler.

Automated Appointment Confirmation

Foxteeth takes a technological leap forward by providing appointment confirmation calls using software only! (No expensive hardware to buy like the other companies!).

This amazing technology uses our internet telephone notification servers (TNS) and is totally customizable by you. (see 'why foxteeth' for more information)

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One principle that always seems to hold true is this: If something  is easy to do, it will get done....if it's not, it sometimes gets done! To that end Foxteeth provides you with the fastest and easiest way to back up your data....a one-click (or scheduled) 10 minute backup to your own Free Foxteeth Internet Site... !

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