Foxteeth Works



FoxTeeth Works Like You Do...

FoxTeeth benefits from Microsoft's® Visual FoxPro. FoxPro's database, in comparative testing, has proven its dominance over competing databases (up to 30-60 times faster than many competitors). The speed means time saved for you and your office staff; and, as you know, less time equals more money.

Reports and bills are no longer a day-long chore. A monthly billing cycle with 200 open accounts can print in 10 minutes. A report comparing years of financial data can print in seconds! FoxTeeth runs an unfinished treatment plan report and then prints letters to those patients in the time it takes to complete a check up. Imagine your marketing capabilities with such a powerful tool! And, since all the information is shared in a fully relational database, making changes is a snap! For example, with one mouse "click" you can replace the insurer for all of your Ford hourly workers. FoxTeeth saves you time. With FoxTeeth, the office staff no longer wastes valuable hours that can be better used keeping the operatories filled and the delinquent accounts current.

Automated Appointment Confirmation
Foxteeth takes a technological leap forward by providing appointment confirmation calls using software only! (No expensive hardware to buy like the other companies!). This amazing technology uses our internet telephone notification servers (TNS) and is totally customizable by you.

Telephone messages can be sent on any day at any time without you being there. This allows your office to reach more patients without wasting valuable staff time making calls to answering machines.

Automated Internal Marketing...
is similar to automated appointment confirmation except the automated calls target patients who are many months overdue. All you do is set a date range; patients who had appointments during that period but have not maintained their recare schedule will be called. The hygienist will love using this Foxteeth Feature and the dentist will appreciate a busy and more profitable hygiene department.

Periodontal Charting
is a snap with FoxTeeth's built-in voice recognition software (VR). You provide the $10 microphone and Foxteeth provides the rest. Hygienists will love the ease of use and speed with which they can complete a complicated charting appointment.


As fast as they can measure pockets, Foxteeth VR can record them. Furcations, mobility, bleeding and recession are similarly recorded as fast as the measurements are taken

Dentists Insight

Most programs in the market today dictate how you run your practice. This absence of insight is simply because most programmers and designers are not dentists. FoxTeeth, however, was designed and created by dentists. This explains why, from even the tiniest features on up, FoxTeeth works the way you run your practice. In addition, FoxTeeth has dozens of customizable features which help you create the perfect product to meet your practice's specific needs.

Precise Insurance Estimation

FoxTeeth can learn the insurance companies' fee schedules. After you post an insurance payment, FoxTeeth remembers what the insurer paid for each treatment. As time rolls on, your treatment plan estimates become increasingly accurate. FoxTeeth continually updates changes to an insurer's fee schedule.

Thorough Delinquent Management

FoxTeeth ensures that your delinquent accounts are minimized. It only requires a 20-second search to find, define and view your delinquent accounts. Select "Print" and you now have a list of outstanding accounts with names, dollar amounts, addresses, phone numbers, and more. You can also automatically print customized letters to each delinquent during each stage of his or her delinquency. (>30, >60, >90, etc.). As you'll soon find, this simple, yet powerful, management tool brings in those overdue accounts in a hurry!

Customized For Your Practice

FoxTeeth is not only for general practices. Besides having over 100 user-customizable features, FoxTeeth has areas that encompass each specialty. Some features geared toward specialty practices include: budget planning, truth-in-lending forms, coupon books, referral analyses, marketing letters, medical codes, superbills, and periodontal analyses. Any desired feature is available at no additional cost to you. In fact, many of the features we have developed over the years are a result of requests from our users. If you don't see a report or a feature, let us know, and we will work on developing it for you.

Fool Proof

Foxteeth Software has seen almost every possible data entry mistake. Since the 1980s we have steadily altered the program to stop those tiny mistakes before they occur. If you forget how to do something, select HELP and your guiding help screens appear. If you forget to save something, FoxTeeth will remind you. You'll never forget to print an insurance form because FoxTeeth makes sure you do that too. Access everything from your patient directory. Run your scheduler and database simultaneously. Despite its near limitless capabilities, FoxTeeth is surprisingly easy to use. Unlike most products, FoxTeeth works for YOU!


FoxTeeth is so easy to learn and fun to use that many of our offices have needed minimal training, if any at all. By using our Quick-Start Tutorial and Online Technical Support, these offices were able to use FoxTeeth the very first day it arrived in the office. Other offices have preferred to have us come in and formally train their staff members. Our rates are reasonable, and we can tailor your training session to the needs of your personnel, no matter how much, or how little, computer experience they have.